The new best practice in incident management. Upload your current incident report form into the incident report template and experience real time mobile business with paperless records and reporting of all incidents in the work place. 

Tracking customer or workplace accidents through to product malfunctions is an operational must. Incident management can be tracked with 100% visibility into all open, closed and escalated incidents. Managers use the online incident report form to submit incident reports and upper management actions the incidents as soon as they receive the automated email or calendar notifications.

Create your incident report form online providing a template for employees to raise an incident while it is still fresh in the minds of those involved. With real-time reporting, keep your finger on the pulse of your business from anywhere, on any device.

Incident management is a breeze with the location managers instantly being notified by email and required to follow up and close off the incident. World Manager® stores all reports filed in the platform for easy reference at any time. An Incident Report form online is fully customisable in terms of reporting and who receives it. The reports can be set to escalate automatically to the next level in the management structure if no action is taken after a set amount of time. Files can also be uploaded with the report (such as photos of damage caused, doctors’ certificates, etc.).


  • Incident Reports
  • Incident Management
  • Supplier issues
  • Customer complaints

World Manager® incident management best practice:

  • Use the escalation option when creating the report to ensure senior management are notified if proper action hasn’t been taken or incidents are not being closed off by the location managers
  • Create an incident report template for customer incidents broken down into different categories, such as serious complaints, accidents or illegal behavior
  • Create an incident report form template for employee incidents, accidents or misconduct
  • Create near-miss report templates which highlight safety issues so proactive steps can be taken
  • Create a report to bring any supplier issues to the incident management team, such as consistent late deliveries, or poor quality product. Different templates can be created for different suppliers and provided to the person who deals with that supplier
  • See our World Manager® team for more Incident Report best practice
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