Use this tool as your official inspection report software for location reviews, site visitation reports and all your Occupational Health and Safety compliance tracking needs. This tool is now used by many Brands as their main employee health & safety software compliance tracker.

Hold your business partners and location managers accountable by tracking all occupational health and safety audits online. Measure employee health & safety performance and compare results with immediate reporting by location or area. Managers can upload images directly to all reports on issues within the operation. Audit, record and analyze in real time to improve operational efficiency from anywhere, on any device.

Location Reviews, also known as an inspection report, full occupational health and safety checks and safety inspections are easily completed on tablet devices during Area Manager visits. They can be copied and made available for the location managers to use as an action plan for improvement. Locations can easily be compared to create a sense of healthy competition among locations. A printout of a report template can be useful to take with you while conducting the audit on site. Some Area Managers do this whole process online using Android tablets or iPads.


  • Hazard analysis
  • Inspection report
  • Cleanliness audits
  • Safety audits
  • Employee health & safety software
  • Full Location Reviews
  • Marketing and store display checks
  • Fittings and fixtures checks
  • Stocktaking and ordering equipment
  • Score sheet for store competitions

World Manager® location audits and occupational health and safety software best practice:

  • Create a hazard analysis template for stores that need to be completed and submitted every six months. This assists with employee health & safety compliance.
  • Create a checklist for jobs that should be completed before starting a shift. A supervisor or manager can then use a printout of the template to do a “walk around” to check all tasks are completed
  • Create a safety audit template for area managers to use to assess a particular store when they do site inspections
  • Create a monthly award for the store with the highest score in a particular review and post the results as a Notice
  • See our World Manager® team for more Location Audit best practice