The External Survey tool is a way of gathering feedback or information from third parties or customers like secret shopper or mystery shopping providers.

Third parties will be able to audit, record and take photos in real time from anywhere, on any device.

Create site visits or secret shopper reports for external suppliers to independently audit your business. Experience real time mobile business with paperless records and reporting of all independent safety site inspections, mystery shopping or secret shopper reports. Separate logins provide full auditing capabilities, creating online reports with privacy settings and administrator approval level features.

Results of mystery shopping surveys can be analyzed by store managers. If the store managers should not see the results, the reports can be set to go directly to the national level. A generic username and password can be given to anyone for the purpose of logging in and completing the reports.


  • Secret shopper reports Direct customer feedback Internal competition score sheets for barista, baking, customer service comps etc.


World Manager® external surveys, secret shopper and mystery shopping best practice:

  • Create separate accounts for the different surveys and target the accounts to those surveys
  • Create a mystery shopping template and have audits conducted regularly
  • Post results of completed audits and secret shopper reports and create an award for best performance
  • Create a user identity for customers. Give customers cards with the login details and instructions on them detailing how to leave feedback. The customers then simply select the location, date and time of visit and complete their survey
  • See our World Manager® team for more secret shopper survey software best practice
  • Read the Verve online secret shopper software best practice case study