Forecast, Schedule & Optimize

World Manager has launched a new scheduling suite in partnership with ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling. The partnership signals a new era in integrated company communications, training, and scheduling. The partnership allows brands to seamlessly provide employee schedules directly through all World Manager platforms.

Variance Reporting

Variance reporting empowers Area Managers with everything they need for productive meetings with managers.

Managers view roster and time & attendance data to make a decision what hours to approve. Viewing up-to-the-minute KPIs means managers are guided to make better decisions under pressure.


Staff scheduling is critical to grow your business. Too many employees on the floor and you blow your budgets. Too few and you give customers a bad experience.

Time & attendance is biometric using the employee’s fingerprints. No more sitting down doing a timesheet at the end of a shift, they just clock off with their fingerprint, so they’re out the door faster – how cool!