The Training Suite offers unprecedented compliance tracking capability for your brand.

Make your company’s training programs everything you want it to be, then deliver the content anywhere, in real time, on any device.

Self-Authored e-Learning

Training templates make it easy to create interactive training tests without Flash experience. Engaging tests can be created combining content slides, images, videos, multiple choice, tick box, short answer, drag and drop games and hotspot questions.

Mobile e-Learning

All the content created within the World Manager ACTIV and training templates are 100% mobile, including all our question templates. All content is delivered in either flash or HTML5 depending on the Apple or Android device being used.

Managers sign off on employees’ competence and employees then counter-sign to acknowledge that they received the training. This feature can be used for tracking completion of training items that requires the user to demonstrate competence or progress.

ACTIV Presentations

ACTIV creates rich, interactive learning and development that can be attached to online training. ACTIV presentations can also incorporate videos, images, text and audio and are well suited to step-by-step training such as point of sale and sales cycles.

Written tests are used for assessing comprehension of important procedures, evaluating learning outcomes of workshops, scenario testing or uploading pre-filled documents. Written tests are marked manually by managers.


It is easy to upload corporate training content provided by third party suppliers or created internally. SCORM content adds a different delivery method and is effective for certain elements of training.

The Help Center contains step-by-step guidance through common features and functions including latest upgrade release notes, featured articles, most popular searches and top 10 tips videos.

Policy Sign-Offs

Employees read the PDF policy document online then sign-off using the electronic sign-off feature. All management levels track completions on previously paper-based policies such as sexual harassment, workplace bullying or OSHA policies.

Automated statistics provide real-time reporting on all tools. Create PDF reports, colorful graphs or export to Excel for further analysis.

Employee Surveys

Use this tool to send out surveys to all your employees, automatically processing results to increase levels of engagement. Create your own climate surveys on any part of your business that would benefit from employee feedback.

The achievement awards tool automatically rewards employees for achievements earned within the employment lifeline, ranging from highest training completion rates, most forum posts to employee of the month recognition awards.