ACTIV has many new features within the suite of authoring tools that allow the creator to develop rich, interactive presentations that can be attached to online training. ACTIV is another of the outstanding e-learning tools in the Training Suite.

ACTIV presentations can also incorporate videos, images, text and audio and are well suited to step-by-step training such as point of sale and sales cycles.

ACTIV is a program designed by the World Manager® team to create visually engaging and interactive training content all in one suite where historically you would need multiple e-learning tools.

The ACTIV authoring tools provides a more flexible method of presenting training than existing Flash templates. Text boxes, videos and images can be placed on the slides in a layout determined by the brand and you can apply audio to each slide. Custom backgrounds can be loaded to give your training a customized look and feel. In addition to its training applications, ACTIV can be used to create interactive Notices which can be attached to a variety of different tools.


  • Use all the combined e-learning tools to create training content for your Online Training tests
  • Create interactive newsletter templates for your Notices

World Manager® authoring tools and e-learning tools best practice:

  • Add a video welcome message to the first training test for new staff
  • Create custom backgrounds to add a customized look to suit your branding
  • Create monthly newsletters as an ACTIV presentation and attach them to Notices
  • Upload videos into your ACTIV presentation to add visual and auditory stimulation
  • Read the Domino’s online training and learning management system (LMS) best practice case study
  • See our World Manager® team for more Activ best practice