Policy management is seamless with the World Manager® policy management software. Employees read the PDF policy document online then sign-off using the electronic policy management software.

All management levels track completions on previously paper-based policies such as sexual harassment, work place bullying or employee health & safety policies.

Policy management is very powerful with this tool, allowing you to track your legal compliance for in-location training and all policies and procedures.

Every location must track first aid, general hazards training, etc. This tool contains no training content, but is a record-keeping checklist of all face-to-face training that allows managers to sign-off competency for a particular item. The employee can then acknowledge the training in the same sign-off, giving both parties responsibility for accepting that the training has been completed and understood. Sign-offs can automatically refresh if the verification is periodical.

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  • Track induction training
  • Track progress through certified courses
  • Record station verifications
  • Record completion of safe working procedures for equipment
  • Track management training
  • Track external training courses (e.g. emergency procedures, first aid)
  • Track completion of a category of training prior to unlocking the next level

World Manager® policy management best practice:

  • Set an automatic refresh date for sign-offs that need refresher training every 6 months. This will change a particular sign-off from complete to incomplete
  • Attach feedback on a particular session and attach documents if necessary
  • Acknowledge and praise completion of sign-offs by employees
  • See our World Manager® team for more Policy Sign-offs best practice
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