Written Tests are used for assessing comprehension of important procedures, evaluating learning outcomes of workshops, scenario testing or uploading pre-filled documents.

Written tests are marked manually by managers. Written Tests allow trainers to set open-ended questions for employees. The answers can be entered directly into the platform via a text entry form, or the user can upload a file that contains the answer or answers required.

The Written Tests tool is mainly used by our brands to assess employees’ understanding of particular procedures when the manager requires a more elaborate answer. These answers can then be marked based on set criteria available only for managers. These tests must be marked manually within your World Manager® by your managers.


  • Assess comprehension of very important procedures
  • Evaluate learning outcomes of seminars and workshops
  • Different scenario tests to further evaluate employee thought processes
  • Monthly business plans
  • Manager plans
  • Answering question sheets

World Manager® written tests best practice:

  • Use the file upload feature to attach a document to be completed by the employee. They can then save the original document, add their responses and upload the document for marking
  • Use the file upload feature to gather documents from your employees, e.g. RSAs
  • Set a written test for managers and franchisees asking them to outline their goals for the next six months, encouraging a forward planning mentality into your business
  • Monitor written test completion rates in stats and reports to ensure training is being completed
  • See our World Manager® team for more Written tests best practice