We are constantly innovating and improving our platform. This video showcases some of the features our platform offers its users.
A short tutorial on proper hand washing.
This video is part of our training content. It details how to setup and use Zoom to produce an effective screen-capture video.
A piece made for Urbane Cafe showcasing their process for baking fresh bread. Includes in-camera transitions, speed-ramping, and on-beat timing with music.
Location Scouting, Real Estate & Franchise Videos, Establishing Shots
Store Walkthroughs, Limited Time Offers, Holiday Events
History of the Company, Message to the Company, Future Plans
Steps of Service, Recipes, Product Assembly
Company News, Corporate Messages, Recurring Shows
Company Policies, Welcome to the Team, Uniforms
Guest Interaction, Station Setup, POS Training
1st Impressions, Assessing Customer Needs, Guiding Customers
Mission & Vision, Atmosphere, Management & Staff
Open/Close Procedures, Approved Chemicals, Sanitization
Hand Washing, Dates & Labels, Inventory

"I really enjoyed working with the World Manager team! From concept preparation, to script review, to final production, I was consistently impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to produce a high quality corporate video."
Nicole T. Nason
"As a result of working with the World Manager team on our video shoot, we not only covered every aspect of our agenda but we exceeded what we had planned on recording for our original media content. The World Manager team are the full package; they're is patient, talented, passionate and understood exactly what we were aiming to achieve. Their process and turnaround time were seamless and their dedication to our project was invaluable. Thank you, Jesse!"
Jessica Davis
"The World Manager team have the unique talents to take your ideas and vision and amplify them into something better than you imagined. The team is not only fun to work with but they also provide professional level thought, vision and ability to any project."
Chris Patterson