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New Employee Orientation: Onboarding Done the Right Way

“The First 90 Days Will Make or Break Your New Hire” – Amy Hirsh Robinson Amy Hirsh Robinson has years of experience in onboarding new employees. She’s a well-recognized expert… Read more

4 Simple Steps to Improved Employee Performance in 2019

Human capital is the driving force behind any organization’s success, but as time rolls by, the same challenges remain. How do you trigger your employee performance and productivity growth? There’s… Read more

How to Integrate Informal Learning into Your Employee Training

Informal learning is often impromptu. Its unpredictable nature makes it easy to dismiss. But that doesn’t mean you should completely exclude it from your structured training and development program. Don’t… Read more

Learning Agility: What It Is and How to Cultivate It

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that we’re living in an age of disruption. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are changing business patterns. It’s no longer… Read more

What is the History of LMS?

The history of LMS goes beyond the first teaching machine. As early as the 1720s, instructors could administer training and assess students’ progress by correspondence. We can’t talk about the… Read more

Employee Recognition: Why it Boosts Business Performance and How to Ace it

Employee recognition has been on the HR practitioner’s radar for a long time, but it still confounds even the best enterprises. In 2013, the Harvard Business Review surveyed 550 executives… Read more

How to Minimize Stress for Successful Employee Training

Employees face pressure throughout their workday. Moderate amounts of stress can make your employees more alert and increase their productivity in complex tasks. Mild stressors can also boost learning and… Read more

How to Set a Device Policy for Employee Training

By now you’ve worked out how important it is that your employees can access their training anywhere, anytime on any device. Mobility is now critical to pretty much every metric… Read more

6 Common Enterprise Training Challenges Solved

Would you trust someone who has never had flying lessons to be your pilot? Probably not! That would be courting disaster. What if they only had a few flying lessons… Read more

Soft Metrics: 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Have you wondered why everything in your workplace feels like a chore when successful organizations seem to be easily attracting and retaining top-performing employees? The answer lies in your corporate… Read more

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