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What Is the Purpose of an LMS?

The purpose of an LMS depends on your company goals and corporate learning strategy. The most common use of an LMS, or learning management system, is to manage and track... Read more

How to Keep Your Millennial and Gen Z Employees for Longer

The general view of millennial and Gen Z workers is that they don’t last long in any job. And that the older generations have a negative opinion of them. They’re… Read more

Engage Your Multigenerational Workforce: Four Tips For Gamification in Training and Development

For the first time in history, employers are facing a unique human capital phenomenon: Five different generations are currently active in the workplace. Both HR and Learning and Development (L&D)… Read more

What Are Some Learning Management System Examples?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have come a long way since the invention of the first teaching machine by Sydney Pressey. An LMS is no longer a one-size-fits-all prospect. Modern learners... Read more

Crucial Payroll Issues Retailers Should Be Aware of to Remain Compliant

If you’re a manager working in retail, then you know how important and complex complying with payroll is. There’s a lot more that goes into it than signing paychecks, including… Read more

How to Build a More Productive and People-Centric Workplace

Why would HR managers today be interested in building more human-focused workplaces? Because research states that just one engaged employee is worth thousands of dollars more in terms of organizational… Read more

What is the Best LMS System?

Choosing the best LMS (Learning Management System) for your business can be a complex and time-consuming task. With a buffet of open-source, proprietary and SaaS cloud learning management systems in… Read more

Want to Improve Your Company’s Employee Experience? Here’s How

Picture this… Your new employee reports to their first day of work on time. They’re fresh, green, and eager to learn. Heck, they are even dressed the part! And so… Read more

3 Key HR Challenges in the Hospitality Industry and Smart Strategies to Overcome Them

Absenteeism, low performance, employee turnover, ineffective leadership, and other HR challenges can cripple any company in the hospitality industry. For an industry that is customer-driven, it only makes sense to… Read more

4 Common Human Capital Management Myths in the Retail Sector Clarified

What human capital myths have you encountered in your HR profession to date? A common myth in the retail sector is that you can only maximize profits through marketing promotions,… Read more

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