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Agile Learning in the Corporate Environment: What You Need to Know

The agile methodology, which grew out of the technology industry, emphasizes the importance of creating self-directed, cross-functional teams that are agile enough to respond quickly to their customers’ rapidly changing… Read more

The 5 Best eLearning Authoring Tools & Software

Are you looking for eLearning software or tools to streamline your organization’s professional training and development processes? Or, maybe you’re just hearing about online learning software for the first time,… Read more

How & Why Track Employee Training Progress

The Case for Tracking Employee Training If you work in HR, then you’ve probably heard the “track training!” rallying cry. It makes sense, right? Without baseline data, it’s hard to… Read more

A Guide to New Employee Orientation

Preparing for New Hire Orientation: What You Need to Know We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In many sectors, companies are beginning to hire…. Read more

SaaS LMS vs. Hosted LMS: Why SaaS Wins

What is SaaS? SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service, is software that allows you to securely store and access data on someone else’s servers. If you use Gmail,… Read more

A Checklist for Selecting the Best Partner Training LMS

Virtually every industry – manufacturing, software, and technology are common examples – has a direct or indirect channel that represents and sells products and services on behalf of different companies… Read more

Why SCORM Compliance is Essential for LMS

What is SCORM? When evaluating the different types of learning management system (LMS) available for your company, perhaps you’ve come across SCORM. If you’re new to the learning technology space,… Read more

Why a CRM-LMS Integration is Crucial to Your Business

LMS Integrations: What You Need to Know Adding high-impact tools and features to your learning management system (LMS) is like adding fuel to your car. Software integration is what gives… Read more

Mobile Learning (mLearning): Why Your Business Needs It

The Rise of Mobile Learning: What You Need to Know When you think of how quickly corporate America has transitioned and adapted to a remote workforce, two things stand out…. Read more

5 Challenges of Online Learning – and How to Solve Them

Solving for 5 Challenges of Online Learning There are indications we may, finally, be entering a post-COVID-19 world. While no one can predict what that world will look like from… Read more

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