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Leadership Training – Why is it Essential?

When it comes to the retail and hospitality industry, there are many different training courses that can be provided, you can think of basic sales training, induction training, or any… Read more

Face-to-Face Learning is a Thing of the Past

A paradigm has existed through business history around what is the best method to train employees. Smaller businesses often rely on the buddy system, where a more experienced team member… Read more

World Manager’s Enterprise Built-In Content Authoring Tool (ACTIV) Makes it Easy to Create Bite-Sized Learning Content

The training and education space are evolving quicker than ever. How you deliver training content becomes more and more important. Staff is often distracted, impatient and overloaded with information, and… Read more

How to Successfully Launch (or Relaunch) Your Platform 

During the past year, the World Manager relationship management team has successfully helped brands launch their new platforms and join our amazing Community of Brands. During this time, we have… Read more

Training Budget 101: Developing & Maintaining Your Training Budget

Employee training is essential to the success of any organization. Too often, though, training budgets are slashed in favor of other expenses. While this might seem like a logical step… Read more

Blended Learning 101: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re in the know about eLearning, you’ve probably heard the phrase “blended learning” tossed around. The concept has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason: blended learning… Read more

Reskilling Your Team: How to Evolve for Changing Landscapes

Times are changing rapidly and professionals who fail to evolve risk being left behind. While agile, nimble employees have always been in demand, the pandemic has shifted the goals of… Read more

Personalizing Learning with AI

The artificial intelligence revolution is upon us. Enter the average American home and odds are good you’ll find AI technology in control of everything from the thermostat to the doorbell… Read more

Five Most Popular Employee Training Methods

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Well-trained employees are more satisfied and more productive than those who are not. Given how important training can be for an employee’s day-to-day success, managers… Read more

How Learning Paths Can Help Structured Training Programs

Think back to your high school days of learning a new language. You likely needed to complete an introductory course in Spanish before you could graduate to Spanish I or… Read more

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