Australia 2020 State of Learning Report

Go1 Produces 2020 State of Learning Report

In response to the global events of 2020 so far, organisations are needing to upskill, reskill and support their people rapidly and remotely. Now more than ever, online professional education is essential to L&D success.

One of the World Manager content Partners, Go1, has compiled data on the need for online learning and the increase in demand during 2020.

Highlights from the survey

74% of organisations that responded to the survey reported an increase in digital learning usage.

44% of training is needed for leadership, management and general business/professional development.

41% of training is needed for health safety and general compliance.

40% of training content requested is bite-sized (2-5 minutes long)

Impact of COVID-19 on Organisations

Organisations continue to grapple with the impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic on every level. Many HR and L&D

professionals have found themselves at the forefront of their organisational response as entire workforces need to be supported and trained remotely while also having fewer resources to implement these changes. When we asked L&D professionals about the impacts they were experiencing as a result of the pandemic, 42% identified that L&D projects are more of a priority but in parallel, 71% report that budgets for training have decreased. L&D is as important or more important than ever, but companies have less to spend on it.

At the same time, Go1 usage data is showing a large uptick. Millions of minutes of learning are being completed per week on the platform, with learners spending 30% more time each month learning.

Budget cuts have understandably been made in light of the crisis, but being able to surface relevant training independent from where employees are located is also critical.

When we look at the type of content that has been trending on Go1 – resilience, mindfulness, managing stress, infection prevention, and control – employees are using online training to support their health and wellbeing.

Together, these insights show the value of online training cannot be underestimated in the time of COVID-19.

The role World Manager Plays in Learning and Development

With World Manager, your own custom branded, white-labeled platform and app, you can conduct live scenario-based training where employees can create videos of themselves completing tasks, that can be marked by Managers. Written case studies can be added to this tool, where employees must complete a written assessment of a case study they have read. Employees can upload videos of their tasks, or written documentation they need to provide, all to be graded by their Managers.

World Manager has partnered with Go1 to bring training content from leading Australian workplace training providers such as Small Batch Learning, Sentrient, and others to help keep your staff up to date well-trained staff members are guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction. This partnership offers courses covering essential areas of training delivered via your World Manager platform or app for teams on the go!

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