Scenario-Based Training

Benefits of Scenario-Based Training


The ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’

Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) is a more personal training strategy, where you use interactive scenarios, whereby the learner can showcase newly acquired skills. You can provide these scenarios through either video content, a written case study, or during a workshop and it must incorporate a situation that requires your learners to respond.

Responses can be provided in a similar format, whether it is a video, a selfie, or an essay. It is great for problem-based or case-based learning and will allow the employees to develop previously learned skills and problem-solving skills.

There are numerous applications for Scenario-Based Learning – The most effective training occurs when you make use of examples based on actual, rather than hypothetical, scenarios.

  • OH&S – How do you safely lift a box?
  • Sales – How would you sell or upsell a specific product?
  • Customer Service – How would you respond to a customer in this situation?
  • Demonstrate personal hygiene and uniform standards by taking a selfie in uniform with correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The 5 benefits for your learners

Increases Learner Engagement – Film yourself, upload photos or work together with your colleagues!Employee Engagement

Apply what you have learned with confidence – This not the first time you come across this situation! Your manager gave you really positive feedback!

Increases Knowledge Retention –You must come up with a solution yourself and use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is not training on a piece of paper.

Improves Knowledge Application – You have seen and practiced this before – you know exactly what to do!

Allows Employees To Fail & Learn – ‘Failure is a success if we learn from it’ Malcolm Forbes


Want to find out how Scenario-Based Training can be incorporated into your training?

With World Manager, your own custom branded, white-labeled platform and app, you can conduct live scenario-based training where employees can create videos of themselves completing tasks, that can be marked by Managers. Written case studies can be added to this tool, where employees must complete a written assessment of a case study they have read. Employees can upload videos of their tasks, or written documentation they need to provide, all to be graded by their Managers.

Let us show you what it would look like in your application.

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