How to Build Corporate Culture for Remote Teams: A Quickstart Guide

Cultivating teamwork in a corporate environment can be challenging.

Getting that team culture to permeate your remote teams can be even more elusive.

But a healthy workplace culture is just as important for remote workers – whether they’re part-time contractors, full-time employees or franchisees – as it is for those who share your physical location at corporate HQ.

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A strong team culture unites people in ways that rules and policies cannot. It fosters collaboration and a shared vision for success; a sense of purpose derived from the conviction that you are a part of something bigger than you – part of an enterprise that is more than simply the sum of its parts.

This may sound like lofty ambitions, but that’s what people do – they aspire to be great, and instinctively understand that greatness is more easily achieved by teamwork than individual prowess.

Building a team culture is – more often than not – a matter of nurturing our latent human traits. Like our desire for personal interaction, attainable goals, peer recognition, and inclusive leadership, along with our insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning new things.

With those uniquely human attributes in mind, consider the following tenets and how they can be applied across your enterprise to build a strong team culture.

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Make Communication the Pillar of Your Corporate Culture

Running a remote team is challenging but manageable, as long as you have a robust internal communications plan.

Working remotely brings a whole set of communication challenges, including:

  • Insufficient day-to-day communication with the parent company
  • Hindrances in supervision and monitoring
  • Less direct support from management
  • Less effective team bonding
  • Motivation and engagement issues

And building camaraderie and a sense of cohesion in a remote team? Notoriously difficult.

But again, manageable.

What you need are top-notch integrated company communications. You’re probably already using at least one form of team collaboration software. Or two. Or three.

You may be using Trello for your team project management, Slack for more informal chats. And perhaps an LMS for training management and tracking. But why waste resources on using mixed communication tools when you can combine it all in one integrated system?

World Manager is a cloud-based platform that offers real-time communication, professional training, access to documents, operations, and much more. The platform can help your team:

  • Pick up establishment-wide news, product launches, and policy changes.
  • Discuss and share ideas on forums.
  • Have watercooler chats on the company’s social network channels.
  • Share photos of team building events, conferences and award nights on a database available for all.

And there’s more. Essentially, this talent management software offers everything you need to create a more cohesive and synergistic team.

Motivate Your Remote Team by Giving Them Explicit Achievable Goals

There’s more to running a team of high achievers than many realize. A good paycheck, growth opportunities, and quality training are great perks on their own. But they don’t match up if what you want are above-average results.

When building relationships with remote employees, it’s critical to provide direction. Recent research confirms employees are more productive in an environment where goals are set and tracked by management.

When building relationships with remote employees, it’s critical to provide direction. Recent research confirms employees are more productive in an environment where goals are set and tracked by management. Click To Tweet

Use online message board to help steadily build up a goal-oriented environment.

  • Set reasonable and viable goals to engage and motivate employees.
  • Communicate individual goals so the team succeeds as a cohesive unit.
  • Deliver self-appraisals, two-way evaluations and peer reviews for your front-line staff.
  • Be sure to align employee goals to company targets.

World Manager LMS software will help you manage this.

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Use Personal Branding and Employee Recognition to Engage Your Remote Team

“You’ve got to get your team to not only understand your company brand but also to understand their personal brand.” Amber Hurdle, The Bombshell Business Woman

Until you find effective ways to galvanize a large team of employees around an idea, you’re building on sand. And your corporate culture aspirations are doomed to fail.

To prevent this, here’s what you do:

  • Build a strong community around shared company values.
  • Elicit employees’ input when building your brand identity.
  • Implement recognition programs to build team morale remotely.

Be creative and openhanded when it comes to employee recognition. It’s a surefire way for your team to engage and connect with your brand. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Issue paid vacation.
  • Sponsor professional training.
  • Reward an exceptional employee with a standing desk.
  • Award them with health club membership.

Want some real help giving employee recognition? World Manager’s Achievement Awards tool will automatically track and reward your team. Sound like an easier option? It is.

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Keep Your Team on Their Toes: Implement Transparent, Inclusive Management

Fact: Over 50% of employees claim that the more info and data a company shares the more positive impact this has on their productivity and performance.

What you’ll do with this piece of information is entirely up to you. But I strongly advise that you act on it.

Transparency gives your employees insight into business finances, goals and performance. It’s a matter of trust; quality employees highly appreciate in their managers.

Strive towards more transparent and inclusive management, and employee productivity and trust are bound to soar.

Here’s some practical advice on how to make your management more inclusive:

  • Identify and track your KPIs and make them available on your business dashboard.
  • Ditch traditional ways of recruiting and spread your tentacles into untapped talent pools.
  • Create an opportunity-driven workplace. Walk away from tightly defined roles and provide advancement opportunities.
  • Encourage innovation by announcing you value everyone’s contribution. Include team members at all levels in this initiative.

Let’s illustrate by example:

Gather your remote team together around targeted tasks. For example, throw a task at them to chip in and improve your company’s website user interface. Assign group leaders and let them get onto it. You may be surprised by what they throw back at you. Plenty of unique viewpoints, angles, and ideas.

Ideas you can implement with your Web Development team for improved user experience.

Leverage Professional Training to Build a Strong Corporate Culture for Your Remote Team

Provide opportunities for career development – that’s Human Resources 101. But how do you do this when you’re dealing with a remote team?

The contemporary workplace is changing and so are career training methods. This applies specifically to companies that extend across different time zones. As well as over long distances.

So what’s your next move? You want to provide access to well-organized onboarding, upskilling, and compliance training. And you achieve this by using a tried and tested learning management system (LMS).

Want to deliver the courses internationally, in real-time, on any device? And track your employees’ completion rates?

World Manager does all this and more. It’s a fully-integrated platform trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

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Find the Tools and Strategies and Act on Them

Building a strong, sustainable corporate culture for remote teams presents huge challenges for CEOs and managers. But the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Use the strategies and tools outlined here to tap into your employees’ natural human desire for connection. People want to communicate and they want to feel that they are a part of something that adds meaning to their lives – whether they’re in-house, remote or even offshore.

Get more feedback about what your employees really need using these 28 free employee engagement posters.

Use a modern, fully-evolved LMS to communicate and connect with your remote employees – to rally your team around your brand, whatever their location and whatever their role.

Here are just some of the benefits of using the World Manager LMS:

  • Your employees will have 24/7, real-time access to data and training.
  • You’ll save time and money using a one-stop platform for multiple purposes.
  • You’ll take advantage of advanced tracking and reporting.
  • Your data will be securely stored in the cloud.

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Disclaimer: This information is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor World Manager will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this information.

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