Employee Experience Need Improvement

Need to Improve Your Employee Experience? Just Ask Them!

The Meaning of Employee Experience

In simple terms, employee experience is about making your workplace pleasant to employees. It’s widely accepted that a workplace in which employees enjoy stimulates them to work harder and to stay longer. Employees who like their place of work make the company attractive to other talented minds.

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This makes employees experience a worthwhile investment, with studies reporting that it can lead up to four times more profitability for a company.

Employee experience is sometimes confused with employee engagement. While not mutually exclusive, there is a slight difference. Experience refers to what an employee encounters in the course of their employment with the company. Engagement is a measure of an employee’s commitment to the company’s mission and vision.

Companies should invest heavily in employee experience because this will determine their engagement and commitment to the company mission. To do this, they can try an array of creative incentive programs and cultivate an atmosphere of dynamic culture and flexible compensation packages.

Why Employee Experience Counts

Ben Whitter, the celebrated author of Employee Experience offers an interesting insight:

For organizations to grow and excel, their employees ought to be performing to the best of their abilities. And with rapid changes in socio-cultural and technological structures and the attendant pressures, supporting and developing employees has become an urgent imperative.

Hence HR professionals are increasingly under pressure to be innovative, modern and empathetic to their staff. It’s time to move beyond conventional engagement practices to new and creative mechanisms that enhance employee experience. This calls a fundamental rethinking of a company’s processes and culture.

Employee experience begins from the moment an employee sees a job advert to the moment they leave the company. Throughout this period, their experience should be enriched with well thought out programs and policies.

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Employee Experience is not Just Sentimental

It is human nature. The feeling that your company cares makes employees more likely to work harder and aim for professional excellence. This can positively affect companies by reducing costs of high turnover, absenteeism, and low professional output.

Ultimately, good employee experience makes business sense as it supports a company’s vision and ambition.

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Common Ideas for Better Employee Experience

There are hundreds of tactics at a company’s disposal to boost employee experience. Let’s sample just a handful here:

Ask employees about their needs: A quickly asking employees for their feedback can do the trick. Let the employees tell you what they are missing in their daily work experience. This can be resources, technology and the set up of working spaces.

Remember, your company is your employees’ workspace. They will know best what they want and what makes them comfortable do their best work. Just ask them!

Further guidance and more ideas on employee consultation, could benefit your management team as they set out to gather employee feedback.

Here are 32 free employee engagement posters to get you started!

Believe the feedback and use it. Do not just ask for feedback as an empty public relations gesture. Remember you cannot deceive your employees for long. Implement their feedback on how to improve their experience. This will validate their voice and demonstrate the company’s commitment to the welfare and excellence of its employees.

By using modern online tools like those offered by World Manager, such as their employee survey feature, you can help your management team collect valuable information about your employee’s experience and needs.

Offer genuine autonomy. When impending changes will affect employees, it’s good management to involve them in decision making. This gives them a sense of control over decisions and situations that will affect them directly. Their contribution is important and will help them feel valued by the company. For an employee, nothing beats the feeling of being valued by their employer, this contributes to good employee experience, start on it today.

Try new benefits. It’s very likely that you believe your employees get the right benefits. Yet, studies reveal that more than 80% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, with little or no savings, even for emergencies. What if the majority of your employees fall into this category?.

Perhaps it’s time you stopped with conventional benefits and try more radical ones. Such a gesture will show your company’s commitment to your employees and their special needs. You can get some ideas to try from leading HR platforms and other resources.

Simplify job application (and make it friendly). Employee experience does not start on their first day at your company. Their experience as potential candidates is equally important as it shapes their future attitude. Employee experience should be managed from this early stage. Companies should remove barriers to job applications and make recruitment professionals. Potential employees will appreciate and admire your company for it, setting the tone for mutually fulfilling business relationships.

“Experience is everything. From pre-hire to retire, using the experience as a lens, we can maximize all the interactions an individual has with an employer over the long-term to create a deep sense of belonging and co-create high performance and stronger business outcomes.” — Ben Whitter

Share your vision. Talented employees appreciate paychecks, growth opportunities, and allied perks but these on their own will not contribute to employee retention in the long run. Today’s employees are a little more restless and ambitious; they are more inspired by higher ideals and greater vision.

Share your company’s vision with your employees and genuinely discuss your beliefs and aspirations with them. This will increase their confidence and belief that they are working for something greater than just a paycheck. This is the genesis of corporate greatness.

Learn to appreciate the input from employees. There is a stack of evidence that employees work harder if their efforts are recognized. Meaning it’s in your interest to recognize employees and officially acclaim their everyday accomplishments. A community where good work is applauded creates an infectious culture of happiness and excellence, a sure magnet for talented workers.

Go ahead and devise unique ways of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of your staff. It will enhance their experience and your company will benefit indefinitely.

Keep employees informed. Employees’ livelihoods are mostly tied to the dynamics of the company. It’s only natural that they will feel vulnerable and powerless when they don’t have information about company performance. That’s not a strong foundation for a good employee experience let alone acquisition and retention of good talent.

Communication with staff is worth the company’s investment. Senior managers should constantly inform their staff on corporate performance targets. This fosters a feeling of community which is a prerequisite for greatness.

The Next Steps to Better Employee Experience

Now that you have read the quick outline on how to enhance your employee experience through creative tactics and feedback you may want to dig a little deeper.

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