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Why Is Online Learning Effective?

Before, learning was associated with the four walls of a classroom. Or a conference room for your employees.

Rather boring, right?

We think so too.

That’s what learning management systems are for!

So, what is online training anyway?

Online training involves the sharing of specific content with learners through the internet. An LMS platform that houses off-the-shelf content and customized courses enables the process.

The self-paced courses are designed by in-house professionals in many different fields, such as soft skills training, compliance, and onboarding.

Using microlearning tools like PDFs, Word documents and video tutorials, you can add content to your employee training.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s The Entertainment & Education Group (TEEG) experience with an LMS:

We recently rolled out a new global culture piece to our teams throughout 6 countries around the world, introducing our mission and values as an organization. World Manager gave us the ability to spread the word by sharing engaging content to drive the message home. We uploaded a video of the launch as well as a soft copy of the handbook because although we printed 8000 copies of the book, having it on Level Up, means it can be accessed anywhere at any time, by anyone in our venues.

Wondering what an LMS platform can do for your business? Here are three benefits of offering online learning:

Customized Learning Experiences

Online training affords you the exciting luxury of designing customized landing pages.

They cater to your multicultural workforce in different branches across the globe.

TEEG has experienced this firsthand,

“We love how flexible World Manager is – even though it is one platform, we can make each landing page unique and specific to the brand. Whether you are a party host at Zone Bowling, a bartender at King Pin or a café attendant at Timezone India, your platform is designed for you. You won’t see out of date or irrelevant content; it’s always fun, colorful and on-point and reflects who we are”.

Customized learning enhances employee engagement with the course material and guarantees higher completion rates.

A classroom would be riddled with distraction after distraction but online training allows you to save costs while meeting company objectives much faster.

Ismaya said it themselves,

“Timesaving and flexibility have been the biggest advantages. We now spend our time focusing on opening new concepts and outlets, instead of using those hours to deliver training or manually follow up tasks.”

Collaborative learning seems difficult online but corporate culture makes all the difference! Here’s a quick-start guide to building corporate culture for remote teams.

Employees can participate in virtual study sessions via discussion forums, chats, blogs, and Q&A sessions. Some online instructors refer to this as ‘contribution’.

When employees share information, it benefits both your business and your online training program.

Wittner can’t stop raving about this,

 “The feedback we’ve received through the forums has been most useful to the Operations Team in helping us provide the information and resources our teams are in need of. Its real benefit though, I have to say has been in the way it engages our staff with one another and fosters a real community where anyone is able to put up their hand and be heard.”

Go a step further! Get your course administrators to make use of whiteboards during brainstorming sessions.

They can share their screens with learners and as long as they have a mobile device, a good internet connection, and perhaps a headset, online learning makes everything easier!

Consider the fact that not all learners study the same way. There’s the visual learner, the read and write learner and the tactile learner.

Track Learner Progress

Let’s face it, waiting for test scores can be a drag. With all the anxiety involved, you’re completely distracted at work.

No more. With the right LMS, your employees get instant results as soon as they’ve completed their tests.

One might ask: How do you design said test?Well, Twin Peaks have it all figured out!

Creating an online training test is a very fast process. It might take approximately 1-8 hours to make and upload the content depending on its complexity.

This is where your course administrators come in handy. Some of their roles in employee training include:

  • Assigning employees their respective courses
  • Monitoring student enrollment
  • Monitoring progress and workload
  • Uploading practical assessments and projects
  • Marking tests and reviewing results with employees
  • Notifying employees on new course materials

But how effective is your employee training? That’s the million-dollar question here.

Has the training helped you achieve your business goals? Online training allows you to merge the data and draw up analytical reports.

From course completion rates, forum discussions and test results, your LMS handles all the tedious work.

Which saves you a lot of time and money! And who doesn’t love that?

Everyone loves a little bit of recognition. A certificate of completion is a perfect way to add to your employees’ glowing resumes.

Not only that but our Achievement Awards tool creates healthy competition between employees. Include a World Leader Board to track progress across all your branches.

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Access Training Anywhere, Anytime

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to employee training! Domino’s Pizza knows this better than anyone else:

“We have provided e-Learning opportunities to our team members for many years now. But it seems that fewer and fewer people are accessing the internet via desktop computers and even laptops these days. People are so used to getting instant online access from their smartphones or tablets. That makes it essential for us as a business to shift from e-Learning to m-Learning so that our employees can access all their training and company communications wherever they are. They can even complete their induction training on the bus on the way to their first shift. The possibilities that this technology opens up for us are endless.”

– Kellie-Ann Drever, Learning and Development Manager – Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Australia

Today’s workplace demands must consider employees’ needs for a full life. From adequate family time to earning extra certificates or even perfecting a hobby.

Organizing tasks around these basic human needs increases employee wellness which boosts morale.

As an HR manager, employee training affords you a little more time in your day. The courses are self-paced and employees can enroll themselves.

In case they have any questions or concerns, back and forth push-messaging should do the trick.

Set up an initial meeting with each employee to develop a career development path. Let employees generate and align their goals with their selected courses. This encourages self-drive so you’ll worry less about completion rates.

Learn How Goal-Setting Can Transform the Employee Learning Experience.

A classroom setting limits the number of courses you can offer at one time. But online training allows employees to select many courses.

They can refer to the content as many times as needed and become experts on specific topics. Welcome such employees to give feedback on how to improve your training.

The proof is in the pudding! An online training program is exactly what your business needs to move to the next level!

And as soon as you’ve designed your course modules, scale them up and roll out to as many employees as you need.

Looking for an LMS platform that will allow you to design customized courses, track learner progress and be accessible anywhere, anytime? Why not go for the best LMS out there?

World Manager has everything you need. Book a demo today.

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