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Personalizing Learning with AI

The artificial intelligence revolution is upon us.

Enter the average American home and odds are good you’ll find AI technology in control of everything from the thermostat to the doorbell camera to the refrigerator. Indeed, the Internet of Things has made the transition from analog to digital a little more comfortable over the last decade. Now, it’s time to embrace AI in other facets of our lives.

Just as the latest technologies help us keep our homes safe and well-run, personalized learning AI can improve the way employees interact with training material and learning platforms. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches to learning. Instead, organizations are taking advantage of new, adaptable technologies to deliver training content that’s efficient, effective, and above all else, tailored to individual learners. The result? A better trained, more engaged workforce – and fewer data analytics drudgery for administrators to get wrapped up in.

Harnessing the Power of AI

Big data has taken over the way we shop and entertain. Log in to almost any app and you’ll discover personalized recommendations for shows to watch, albums to stream, and clothes to buy. Personalization matters more than ever – we’ve come to expect our experiences to be custom-tailored for our niche interests and skills. Personalized learning AI tools work in similar ways, using data to help inform the kind of content being delivered to learners.

Artificial intelligence can track a person’s progress through a particular course, monitoring time spent on the material, their level of engagement, and even the pauses they take to reflect or respond to the content. By showing individual learners content that’s relevant to them, you’ll see greater rates of engagement, which in turn loops back around to provide the adaptive learning AI technology with more relevant data. With each new piece of information fed to the AI, learning becomes more personalized – and more effective.

Benefits of AI-Powered Learning

AI personalized learning has tremendous implications for the future of training as we know it. With a deeper understanding of learner behaviors and needs built into the foundations of each module, it’s possible to take a customized approach to employee training. While personalization once required extra time and energy on behalf of instructors, personalized learning AI tools can create a constantly evolving pathway for individuals. This enhances the entire experience, adapting intelligently to learner needs.

With customized content delivered on an as-needed basis, learners will spend less time wading through material they’ve already mastered. Administrators and support staff also benefit, dedicating far fewer of their days analyzing metrics and instead focusing on developing the best content possible. With personalized learning using AI, everyone wins.

Increased rates of engagement are also associated with personalized learning AI. Algorithms are designed to predict outcomes, which in turn allow managers to provide specific material based on a person’s performance and goals. As a learner progresses through the content, the AI may recognize their ability to skip past portions of the training, saving valuable time and energy. It makes for a less linear learning journey, but it’s effective nonetheless.

How Can AI Learning Strategies Help an Organization?

If you’re eager to implement personalized learning AI in your organization, there are a few strategies you can try. For starters, algorithms can reveal employee skill gaps and suggest ways to close them. Implementing this type of personalized learning AI can provide much-needed insight into where your team is currently at versus where they could be with the right training.

Another key AI learning strategy is uncovering learner impact. By collecting constant feedback from learners, AI tools can help us understand and evaluate the ways learning materials are impacting performance. There can be no progress without a full understanding of the effectiveness of a given tool; personalized learning AI helps clarify options and potential outcomes.

Speaking of potential outcomes, AI can also be used to interpret analytics. The collection of this kind of data alone once took weeks. Now, it’s done in the blink of an eye. This makes gaining key insights into employee engagement and progress easier than ever.

Make AI Learning a Reality for Your Business

Manually pulling data takes time. So does curating content, coaching individual learners, and analyzing the results of your efforts. Thankfully, new technologies all but eliminate these administrative chores. AI personalized learning can save you valuable time and effort while empowering learners to take control of their experience and tailor it to their own preferences.

If you’re eager to adapt to this kind of technology for your organization, World Manager can help. Allow us to enhance your existing systems and programs by leveraging the latest tools and technologies. No matter your industry or the challenges you’re up against, the World Manager team can support your efforts for training, growth, and employee engagement. Reach out today for a demo of our products and services.

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