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What is Rapid Learning?: Ultimate Rapid eLearning Guide

With new employees coming on board, and a dizzying number of new products and services being introduced at a rapid rate, let’s face it: it’s not humanly possible for training departments to keep up with that kind of demand.

This new reality is driving the adoption throughout corporate America of a rapid learning methodology and mindset.

What is Rapid Learning?

When applied to online learning, this concept is known as “rapid eLearning” and refers to the process of rapidly creating online training programs for employees, partners, and customers.

As more companies shift to rapid learning, rapid eLearning – or, more precisely, rapid eLearning development – is gaining currency. In practice, it means using small, streamlined teams, equipped with authoring tools and a streamlined online delivery system, like a learning management system (LMS), to accelerate the design and development process.

Although rapid eLearning development time frames can vary, generally speaking, we’re talking three weeks or less.

By contrast, completing and rolling out traditional eLearning modules can take several months. Please note that rapid learning can also refer to the consumption of short, quick bytes of content; this post, however, will focus on how to simplify and streamline the design and development of eLearning modules.

Key Benefits of Rapid eLearning

Why are more companies adopting a rapid eLearning mindset and methodology? Because of the game-changing benefits! Here are some of the biggies:

Decreased Development Time

Instead of starting from scratch, instructional designers can use templates that allow them to quickly and effectively build training modules. They can repurpose and replicate existing content and cut the fat.

Reduced Development Cost

Time is money. With L&D teams under increasing pressure to reduce costs, many are turning to rapid eLearning, which saves time and, in turn, significantly helps minimize content development costs while introducing new efficiencies.

Faster Response Times

L&D teams with a rapid eLearning mindset are agile, flexible, and responsive to the needs of internal and external customers. They are able to move fast and focus on what’s needed now, creating or updating training content on a “just in time” basis.

Higher Profit Margins

When companies accelerate and shorten the development process and increase response time, a common byproduct is higher profit margins.

User-Friendly Technology

Most instructional designers aren’t programmers, and that’s okay. Rapid eLearning development software, such as a learning management system, has easy-to-use authoring tools and templates built-in.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In today’s technology-driven business world, companies that invest significant time and resources in the design and development stages find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Instructional designers no longer have the luxury of creating courses with long lead times. In this new world, companies that streamline their training processes and procedures and increase speed-to-market gain a significant competitive advantage.

Who Can Benefit from Rapid eLearning Development?

Any company that competes in a fast-moving industry will benefit from streamlining and accelerating training design and development.

Some examples of industries that can benefit include:

  • Financial services
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Software
  • Food and hospitality

The faster you can get your sales teams trained and in the field, the sooner they can start closing deals.

Rapid eLearning Best Practices

Implementing a rapid eLearning program can be a game-changer for your organization. To help ensure smooth execution, follow these guidelines:

Keep Your Subject Matter Experts Close By

They are your primary resource for content. If you don’t have constant access to your content experts, not to mention your graphic designers, it’s going to turn “rapid development” into a long, drawn-out process.

Reuse and Replace

Reduce the development process by using storyboards, graphics, and copy points that have already been designed or used before. This will save a considerable amount of time.

Roll Out Big Projects in Segments

Rapid eLearning examples can help illustrate this point. Say your project consists of 15 modules. Per the agile learning model, you can release the first module and integrate feedback from the trial while you move forward with the design of the second module. Instead of waiting until the very end, get a section or two approved and roll them out first. This is rapid learning at its finest.

Not Being Flashy is Okay

If your people need materials ASAP – think compliance – a barebones approach, without a lot of fancy visuals and animated elements, will save a good amount of time. Skip the frills and flash.

Cut the Fat

Follow the traditional editing rule: if it’s not essential, if it doesn’t add value, cut it. If gamification isn’t doing it for your people, then why include it? If they’re not going to spend time reading lengthy essays or long, unedited videos, don’t waste your time and space. Determine what best works for your employees through trial-and-error, and go from there.

Rapid Learning Tools for Success

Instituting a rapid eLearning culture does not have to be difficult and doesn’t require programming knowledge. There are various rapid eLearning services and rapid eLearning development tools available to you, ranging from basic PowerPoint to instructional design software to a more comprehensive LMS. Many companies find implementing an LMS an appealing option – this one-stop learning platform has native authoring tools, templates, themes, and even animation built into it, as well as data analytics, collaboration, and social learning tools.

How Can World Manager Help?

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