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5 Ways to Tweak Employee Training that will Drive Employee Engagement

Human resource management is indisputably a valuable corporate asset. So why is gaining employee engagement such a hassle for team leaders and HR managers?

It’s either because they haven’t pinned down how to motivate their workforce, or they haven’t made meaningful investments in world-class training.

Why should you invest money in employee engagement? It’s simple. Employee turnover will cost you far more in the long run.

Take a look at these numbers:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate of voluntary turnover is 2%.
  • By the same source, the average annual salary for an American worker is $45,790
  • And according to the Center for American Progress, the average cost to replace an employee is 21% of the salary.

After a quick number crunch: an average company with 100 employees will have to fork out $19,000 a month to replace lost employees.

Check out the chart below to see how good employee engagement impacts your bottom line:

The graph shows the Cost to Value of an employee in an organization by eNyota Learning

Now we’re going to talk about how training and development can help you develop a high-performance team.

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Here are five ideas for tweaking your employee training to drive employee engagement:

1. Include Mixed Media in Your Employee Training

Whether you’re delivering training for customer service, product, or basic work procedures, you don’t want your team to spend the training session bored stiff.

But whatever method you choose to give your training an edge, it’s bound to lose its bite over time. This leads to your team disengaging from the material, limiting their capacity to learn solutions to relevant on-the-job problems.

So, offer interesting content if you want your staff to engage with your business through continuous learning.

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To do this, you should sprinkle your training with interactive mixed media elements. Here are some of the best ones you can use:

World Manager is a multi-award winning learning management system that will add a fun edge to your training, making it easier to digest. Take our multimedia templates and create a bunch of exciting interactive training modules.

2. Base Your Training and Development Strategy on the Learner

As you go about improving your learning and development program, it’s important to solicit valuable employee feedback.

Utilizing employee feedback is an employee engagement best practice. The Millennial workforce expects training to be learner-centered, mobile-friendly and experiential.

Give your learners the tools to internalize their knowledge and put it to action. And in the process, you’ve provided huge value to them.

10 Characteristics of Professional Learning that Motivate Learner-Centered Innovation by Education Rickshaw

But you still need to figure out the tech side of smooth data gathering and processing. Enter employee satisfaction surveys.

Survey tools can offer deep insight into what your team needs out of your training.

With the help of World Manager, you’ll be able to create surveys for any part of your learning process. And the results are automatically processed.

World Manager is a 100% mobile-friendly LMS. We provide exactly what the new generation of learners want.

But before you book a demo with us, here are 28 free employee engagement posters to get you started.

3. Encourage Collaborative Learning and Strengthen Corporate Culture

“Businesses operate from a number of paradigms. Those that are hard-nosed and finance-driven are counterproductive in a world of rapid change and deep interdependence because they chip away at the most important asset of the organization – the human community.” – Jane E. Dutton

What follows is that mobile eLearning in itself won’t suffice in this rapidly changing world. So what will move the needle?

Taking your training beyond individual task solving. Connecting your team members across locations. Building a strong employee collective. That’s what will move the needle.

And in a new era of integrated company communications, you should follow suit: integrate your company communications.

Here are some great collaborative learning techniques:

  • Round table
  • Concept mapping
  • Synchronous online group exercises
  • Asynchronous pre/post tasks

Yet again, the World Manager can help you leverage your team’s brainpower. Our online discussion forum can get your team to discuss, reflect and share knowledge with the click of a button.

The rewarding collaborative learning experience will increase your team’s engagement.

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4. Layer Your Training to Engage Your Team Across Levels

Typically, you’ll want your onboarding training to cover a range of topics, so newcomers get a hang of the processes and start at full speed. They should be familiar with:

  • Their roles and responsibilities,
  • Ways to increase work efficiency,
  • The typical stages of team dynamics, and
  • Your brand and unique corporate culture.

A word of caution, though. Surviving in the modern market means NEVER relinquishing your employee training objectives. Let your team go the way of the dinosaurs, and you’ll sentence your business to extinction.

A word of caution, though. Surviving in the modern market means NEVER relinquishing your employee training objectives. Let your team go the way of the dinosaurs, and you’ll sentence your business to extinction. Click To Tweet

That’s why you need follow-up training, across all levels. Ask yourself:

  • What skills do my people have?
  • What upcoming skills will propel my team forward?

A quick answer to the latter question lies in an LMS eLearning platform like World Manager. The platform will enable you to track your team’s performance, giving you valuable insights at all seniority levels.

It’s never been easier to evaluate your team’s progress and tailor your courses to their specific needs. Find out more about it here.

5. Use Gamification Elements for Ultimate Employee Engagement

The success of your employee development depends on how much you invest in it. But sometimes it’s enough to tweak your teaching methods a bit in order to make your content more engaging.

For starters, you need to look at what type of learning yields the best results, then incorporate it into your employee training. And you won’t have to wait too long to see encouraging results.

Read-only materials probably won’t make your team members jump for joy, and they will likely have difficulties retaining knowledge.

But, introduce interactive video lessons and their engagement will increase significantly. Use games and simulations to spike your team’s ability to soak up and retain the knowledge!

Investigating new technological advancements in eLearning is worth your while. Below are some great ways to start gamifying your employee training:

  • Simulations and puzzles. Use simulation and puzzle-based assessments in your onboarding process. Simulations of a real-life working environment can help you differentiate between candidates.
  • Competitions and leaderboards. Gamification is an excellent tool to step up your processes. To illustrate: Domino’s Pizza Mogul’s game teaches the pizza-making process and rewards the player each time a pizza is sold.
  • Storytelling. Use storytelling to walk your new hires through basic office dynamics. The player takes on a game character, then interacts with the other characters that are your actual employees. Create chapters and give out badges to create excitement and a sense of reward.
Image from eLearning Industry

Take Your Employee Training to a Whole New Level

Of all employee engagement strategies, delivering killer training will get you the fastest results.

Keep your employees engaged by giving them control over their career trajectory. You’ll be seeing higher retention rates in no time.

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