What is Customer Training?

What is a Customer Training Program?

Training programs aren’t just for employees and internal stakeholders anymore. Customer training programs consist of courses and content designed to train and support customers in using a company’s products and services. A customer training program provides end-users with the knowledge and information they need in order to have a superior customer experience, and these programs are quickly growing in popularity as companies realize the incredible benefits of having highly trained and satisfied customers. Training courses can be accessed remotely by the end customer and offer both guided and self-paced learning.

Why train your customers? Customer training is important for a number of reasons. It allows brands to continue to develop and deepen relationships with their customers. Customer training programs can reduce customer confusion and frustration, accelerate product adoption, and help ensure an optimal customer experience. A customer training program can pay off significantly over time by increasing customer loyalty and retention, as well as repeat purchases. Properly executed, customer training programs can provide an enhanced customer experience that turns customers into enthusiastic and knowledgeable product and brand ambassadors. It’s like they become an extension of your brand!

Benefits of Customer Training 

Impact Your Bottom Line

Over time, an investment in customer training can increase profit margins by deepening customer relationships, increasing loyalty and customer retention, driving revenue, and reducing customer support costs.

Gain Customer Feedback

Innovation and new product development depend on companies’ ability to obtain feedback from their customers. One of the benefits of customer training is that it enables end-users to ask questions and provide feedback on product uses, features, and user experience. This is valuable business intelligence that can be used by your marketing and new product development teams to improve existing products and spur future innovation.

Create Positive First Impressions, Fast!

First impressions drive customer perceptions of your product and brand. This is why customer onboarding is so critical. It can help your product click with your end-users; if that doesn’t happen early in the process, it may never happen. Customer training can help end-users overcome initial frustration or skepticism and accelerate product adoption and use. When end users begin to engage with your product and incorporate it into their routine, they realize its usefulness. This increases their perception of your value.

Increase Customer Retention

Customer training, or onboarding, can help end-users cope better with the anxiety of learning a new product or program. Companies that invest in their customers and help them get over any initial hurdles are more likely to retain and grow their customer relationships.

Increase Upgrades

Customers who are trained to use your product and have a superior customer experience are more likely to upgrade their plans and purchase other products down the road.

Cultivate Brand Ambassadors

The best kind of advertising is a recommendation from one customer to another. But brand ambassadors aren’t born that way. Customer relationships develop and deepen over time as they realize that your product or service helps them solve a problem and provides a consistent quality customer experience. If your company seeks to cultivate brand champions, a recommended first step is to onboard your customers so they have the required knowledge and training.

How World Manager LMS Can Help with Customer Training

World Manager LMS, a leading player in the employee training space for over a decade, provides a software-based training solution that your customers can access anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With a streamlined, user-friendly interface, the World Manager LMS is a robust customer training portal that is easy to deploy and even easier to administer.

Create a Central Clearinghouse

With the World Manager LMS portal, your end customers can access course materials, content, experts, and other training resources through their very own learning portal. Everything they need can be stored in one central location and updated in real-time. Visual and engaging, the World Manager LMS is the perfect way to deliver training to your customers; watch it empower and motivate them to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

Deliver Efficient Updates

An LMS allows training materials to be quickly and seamlessly updated and delivered to your customers. If you are rolling out new product features or updates, the World Manager LMS portal is the ideal vehicle for delivering them to your customers quickly and inexpensively.

Support Social Learning

A formal training session is just one way that customers learn how to use products and services. Nowadays customers like to learn in different ways. That is why we made sure to build informal and social learning opportunities into the World Manager LMS.

Gain Actionable Analytics

With World Manager’s LMS, our customer analytics can help shed light on which courses and training materials are most popular. This data can be used to fuel future innovation and enable continuous improvement.

How to train your customers – that is the question! And the solution can be found right here in World Manager’s customer education platform. Our learning management system for customer training is powered by robust yet easy to deploy software and is based on more than a decade of experience helping companies of all sizes nail their training challenges.

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