Built-in Content Authoring for Training

World Manager’s Enterprise Built-In Content Authoring Tool (ACTIV) Makes it Easy to Create Bite-Sized Learning Content

The training and education space are evolving quicker than ever. How you deliver training content becomes more and more important. Staff is often distracted, impatient, and overloaded with information, and in 2021, learning needs to be able to happen from anywhere. In the office, at home, or even on a mobile device. World Manager has upgraded our built-in content authoring tool, ACTIV, so that brands have the ability to quickly and easily create smaller bite-sized training modules that make it easier for employees to complete.

This is just part of our latest Enterprise releases we have planned to enhance how brands train and communicate with their employees.

Here are 3 key points on why bite-sized learning is effective and how a built-in content authoring tool can help
Built-In Content Authoring

  1. Improves engagement

Instead of spending 60 minutes or more on a single course, learners are motivated to consume short but meaningful content. This not only helps with mental burnout but also with being able to process and retain the information provided as it’s not an overwhelming amount of information to consume.

  1. Easier to create a continuous learning culture

By drip-feeding relevant content in bite-sized chunks, many companies are able to get maximum benefits through minimal input. It allows users to retain more of their consumed content and transfer this knowledge into their daily tasks.

  1. Built-in Content Authoring

     Easier to navigate content to refresh learning

When content is delivered in bite-sized chunks, it’s much easier for a learner to search for the components that they need a refresher on without having to search through an entire training module for one or two sections.

Additionally, World Manager’s Optional Training feature, which is part of our Enterprise Upgrades, provides training managers the ability to add content to an employee’s training curriculum to be able to complete refresher courses needed or review smaller chunks of content as needed.

Our data shows that when you’re able to deliver your training content on a mobile device, the most common time for users to log in and consume content is when they’re traveling to and from work. For engaged learners, once you’ve created a learning culture, they can easily refresh on content that is going to be relevant to the tasks scheduled for the day ahead.

Watch the following video to see how easy the new ACTIV tool in the World Manager platform is to create bite-sized learning content for your employees.

World Manager ACTIV Tool Highlights


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