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Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

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Franchising LMS

Discover why these world famous brands use World Manager for online training. More

“Using the World Manager Platform, we’ve been able to maintain a 98% completion rate of Training across all of our employees. This has had a direct correlation to our sales performance.”

Ashwine Dhanuka –
General Manager Operations, Domino’s Pizza

Restaurant LMS

World Manager keeps your people, culture, service and food consistent. More

“World Manager has really helped make learning fun again for our owners and their employees. We are seeing a 70% increase in participation and more and more users are signing up as they hear how easy it is to enhance their training using our P.I.E. platform”

Ben Campoli –
Director of Training, Pizza Pizza

Sports & Leisure LMS

The heart of sports retail training and development worldwide, for over 10 years. More

“A previous frustration was that we couldn’t upload videos to our old intranet, and it was not being updated regularly. Now we can showcase the latest brands on our platform and have everyone who logs on see it! The homepage is all about being able to show people the good tools of the platform to communicate our current message to people in the team.”


Retail & Fashion LMS

100% customizable interactive courses, tests and gamification for all employee levels.
Trusted by leading brands. More

“The feedback we’ve received through the forums has been most useful to the Operations Team in helping us provide the information and resources our teams are wanting. It’s real benefit though, has been in the way it engages our staff with one another and fosters a community where anyone is able to put up their hand and be heard.”


Fitness LMS

Modern learning management for your fitness instructors and staff. Reduce confusion over brand standards and improve company culture. More

“With the help of the Training tool, Movement for Life has achieved industry accreditation by tracking and managing their progress through the World Manager platform, as well as ensuring all employees have the correct knowledge.”

Movement for life